Organization-Level Information Systems - Tools for Supporting the Development Process

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This is the summary page for my PhD thesis, which was presented October 5th 2010.


All organizations have an information system. An information system is all that which contribute to the information distribution within an organization, and without the information system, the organization would not survive. Despite this, work with changing or constructing information systems often end up with suboptimal results. In recent scientific articles, and within profession-specific newspapers, the figures on how many such project end up as failures range between 70 and 80 percent.

One source of problems with information systems work is deficiencies of the governance of the change processes. Further, many methods applied to information systems work are in fact software systems method and may thus be suspected to miss important aspects of the information system.

In this thesis I have studied approaches for supporting the information systems development process. These approaches have all included trying to find aspects of the information system and trying to measure, simulate or in other ways asses them in order to get an overview of where effort has to be added in the development process.

The results of the thesis include recommendations surrounding the simulations of such aspects, as well as a model where the aspects have been formulated into criteria for information system evaluation. The CISE model (Criteria for Information Systems Evaluation) is the main product, and it is available to use as a checklist during information systems work.

Digital version

The digital version is available through the Mid Sweden University library here.

Note that for copyright reasons, the digital version does not contain all the articles available in the printed version.

One of the major findings in the thesis is the CISE model, which has a separate page.

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